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Registered Acupuncturist and Registered TCM Practitioner, Yeong Ran C. Kim

Registered Acupuncturist, Taesang Cho


< Yeong Ran C. Kim > 

  Ever since I was a university student, I volunteered as a first aid attendant at various camps for secondary school students, which I sometimes found to be even more interesting than my Major, Mathematics. After graduation, I wanted to continue studying, and when the opportunity presented itself, I quit my job as a secondary school math teacher and enrolled in a four-year Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) program at Pacific Coast University (PCU) of Holistic Medicine. It was a very complicated program, as the lectures were in Korean and English, and the textbooks mostly in Chinese. This complication, however, enabled me to look for and read numerous texts written by eminent doctors from all over the world before and after my graduation, allowing me to learn hundreds of useful cures for diseases in a short period of time. I improved my acupunctural skills significantly during my medical missionary trip to Ecuador right after graduating from the acupuncture program, where my team treated hundreds of patients, some with chronic diseases and others with diseases that are rarely found in Canada. This trip was both an enriching and an eye-opening experience. After returning to Canada, I enrolled in the Doctor of TCM program to acquire a more in-depth knowledge of TCM, where I learned from Dr. Cheng Zhao Zhi (who has over 40 years of practical experiences in the field) various cautionary details of using herbs, and the ways to come up with the right and effective herb combinations via studying ancient texts.  Afterwards, I worked under Dr. Hun Park (who has more than 37 years of medical experience) learning special acupuncture techniques that originated from Korea, and clinical skills for curing diseases.

So far, I have had various experiences, including treating herniated disc, digestive troubles, infertility and diverse women's conditions. I am now studying and looking for ways to cure the aftereffects of several chronic diseases as well as some diseases that cannot be cured by the Western medicine.


Bachelor of Science
Registered Acupuncturist, Registered TCM. Practitioner in BC
Registered Diplomate of Oriental Medicine in USA  
Graduated Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) Program at PCU
                of Holistic Medicine
Graduated Doctor of TCM Program (DTCM Diploma) at PCU
Worked at Beijing Acupuncture and TCM Clinic
Worked at Holdom Chiropractic & Wellness Center 
Taught Acupuncture to students at Southbay College of TCM and PCU 
Certification of Advanced Constitutional Facial Acupuncture
Certification of Injection Therapy
Medical (oriental medicine) missionary volunteer activity in Ecuador

< Taesang Cho >


Registered Acupuncturist in BC
Graduated ICTCMV (International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Vancouver), Canada
Bachelor of Science in Yonsei University, Korea 
7th Dan(Black Belt/Master), Kyoshi(教士) of Kendo (Oriental Swordmanship)
Certified Sports Instructor of Kendo in Korea
Taught Kendo at YMCA, Yonsei University and Private Kendo Centers in Korea
Completed Manual Therapy Course in Korea 
Completed Dr. Ryu's Korea Hand Therapy Course in Korea