Joy Acupuncture & Wellness

Treatable Areas


*Pain: Herniated disk, Back & neck pain, Sciatica, Knee & ankle pain,

         TMJ, Frozen shoulder, Car accident & Sports injury, etc.

*Digestive troubles: Indigestion, Diarrhea,  Gastritis, Acid reflux,

                                 Gastric ulcer, Loss of appetite

*Women’s conditions: Pre/Post-natal care, PMS,  Menopausal syndrome,

                                    Infertility, Ovarian cyst, Urinary incontinence

*Chronic stress, Chronic fatigue syndrome

*Aftereffects of Surgery, Chemotherapy & Stroke etc.

*Skin rejuvenation : Relief of Acne & Eczema 

*Body Shaping, Growth Stimulation Program



“ The Natural Solution for Your Body “