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Herniated lumbar disk  

In the middle of March 2012, an Oriental medicine school student introduced me to Yeong Kim.

At the time, I had been suffering from herniated lumbar(back) disk pain for 8 years, and it had just gotten worse because I had over-exercised with a friend. Due to the pain, I couldn’t lead a normal life. I could not stay seated for longer than a minute, and I spent almost all of my time lying down on the bed to ease the pain that went from my back to left toes.

With acupuncture treatment from Yeong, the pain decreased gradually. She treated me with diverse methods according to the area and the intensity of pain every visit. Now, I have been treated for about four and a half months and my pain is almost gone. I can seat for hours and live an ordinary life without pain.

I thank Yeong not only for getting me out of my herniated disk pain, but also for her warm and kind mind which strived to relieve my pain consistently. Whenever I was treated lying face down, I couldn’t see her face but she always told me how and why the treatment is being used with bright and warm voice. With her caring attitude, I was able to trust her treatment and felt comfortable during every session. At the end of every visit, she told me what to eat, how to maintain correct posture, and which exercises to do to reduce the pain. She checked whether or not I had been following the advices at the beginning of the following visit.

Yeong emphasized that “the doctor is only responsible for half of the treatment's success. The other half is the responsibility of the patient: (s)he should take care to develop right eating habits, exercise patterns, postures, etc.” I kept this in mind and tried my best to do my 'duty' throughout the treatment period. Following her instructions not only reduced my pain, but also gave me significant knowledge on prevention of reoccurrence.

When the treatment was reaching the end, Yeong gave me a valuable warning:  “Right now is actually a very dangerous time as you are relaxed and don't feel any pain. You may think that you are all cured, and develop the tendency to over-do things again; and if you do fall into that trap, then it's back to 'square one'." 

If someone asks me about Yeong Kim, I would say the following:

“It’s not easy to meet an Oriental Medicine Doctor who has confidence in him/herself. If you meet Yeong kim, you'll come to consider yourself lucky because she has not only self-confidence, but also a deep knowledge and wide experience in her field, and a warm mind which constantly cares for the patient’s comfort. I'm sure she will be a great help to you, as she was to me.”



Spinal stenosis

I used to exercise everyday by walking for an hour and doing muscle exercises, so I had great confidence in my health. However, I hurt my back two years ago while lifting a heavy object and developed a pain that went from my hips to the calf, which disturbed me consistently. For the first two months after being hurt, I waited for the pain to go away. During that time, I tried to self-medicate by doing some walking exercises, but the pain only worsened with every minute of walking, and I found myself having to take a rest after taking only few steps. Finally, I decided to go to a clinic, and at that time I met Yeong. She told me in detail about spinal sternosis I suffered from. I was immediately reassured by her kindly impression, and the trust for her professionalism soon followed after first few treatments and her advices on exercising methods and development of healthy habits.
Conclusively, I fully escaped from the pain after eight treatment sessions, and have been well for over two years now. If I ever develop another health problem, I will definitely pay a visit to again.